Wild Tribe Heroes

How amazing is this? Your school has been very kindly donated environmental books in the Wild Tribe Heroes series by members of your local community.

Each book is based on a true story about a well-loved animal who runs into problems due to humans. From ocean plastic, balloon releases, ghost fishing nets, palm oil and climate change, the Wild Tribe Heroes books are aimed at primary aged children of all key stages. The books have received personal support from Sir David Attenborough and have reached over 1.5 million children in schools around the UK. They are gentle, positive and inspiring, aiming to motivate children to get involved in tackling the issues in their schools, their homes and the wider community.

Listen to author, Ellie Jackson talk about each story, how the book came about, what it is like to be an author and what your children can do to make a difference!

The real story: Duffy

The real story: Marli

The real story: Nelson

The real story: Buddy

The real story: Hunter

The real story: Sunny

Each book comes with excellent free teaching resources, reading notes and curriculum maps for every key stage. Register to access the free resources here