Cetus the Whale

We are Andrew and Grace, two artists working with Beach Guardian to create Cetus, a large sculpture of a Humpback Whale woven from discarded ropes, nets and fishing gear pulled from the beaches. We ran workshops with the Beach Guardian volunteers and a group from Wadebridge School to complete Cetus, who currently lives out front at Trevisker Garden Centre!

We would love you to make your own mini puppets or poppets with a mission! You can use anything you find on the beaches or if this is not an option, perhaps you could use recycled materials to make your own poppet version. As long as each poppet is made with love and a wish for a cleaner world, then hopefully that wish will come true!

We hope you have fun making your poppets - please get in touch if you need any extra help.

Beach Guardian Poppet Making - Instructions and Materials

How to make your poppet video