School Environment Day

Welcome to all the fantastic resources for primary schools to help you organise your very own School Environment Day.

We hope you enjoy choosing some of these videos and links to watch with your children and to be inspired to get involved with them and follow up on some of the ideas.

Could your school do a beach clean or a walk to school day? Make a bee hotel, learn how to press seaweed or even make nettle pancakes? With fun videos from leading environmental charities, these resources are sure to get your children fired up about our environment!

Go behind the scenes for each of the Wild Tribe Heroes books and find out the real stories about each animal. Listen to author Ellie discussing the issues, being an author and how we can all help!

Making climate change relevant in our own local environment, Cornwall Wildlife Trust helps protect our beautiful animals and their habitats right here on our doorstep.

With exciting and informative resources, you will find everything you need from WWF to get your children involved in caring for nature and protecting our environment. From amazing animal facts to quizzes and bigger projects, get your children engaged with these issues in a fun and fascinating way!

Ever wanted to try nettle pancakes? Forest school teacher and author, Chris Holland will talk you through the process from how to pick nettles safely to how to cook them, plus get a free sample of his book “I Love My World” all about outdoor education with children!

We are the rescue team for all ocean creatures in trouble on our coasts. Find out how we rescue animals all around Cornwall and what you can do to help!

We have made a cool song about litter! Join us for “The Plastic Bag Song” written by Cbeebies star Nick Cope, with simple actions and words, this song can be sung by everyone!

Learn how to make the school run kinder to the planet with these fantastic ideas and resources from Sustrans.

Connect your children with nature with this ultimate list of 50 things for you to enjoy, so get out in the fresh air and build a den, make your world spin by rolling down a hill or watch stars glitter in the night sky. You’ll be a seasoned adventurer by the time you’ve managed to try out all 50 activities. 

The Orangutan Veterinary Aid team from Launceston are the actual orangutan vets drawn into the book, Buddy’s Rainforest Rescue. Listen to their fascinating video telling the real facts behind Buddy’s true story.

Find out how orangutans live in the wild and are looked after by the vets in this wonderful video from real orangutan vets.

Get ready for Beach School with the 2 Minute Beach Clean team! Find out how to do seaweed pressing, beach cleaning and more with these fun videos.

Sing a song for nature and get your children singing, dancing and making music with these amazing resources, written specially by professional musicians to go with the Wild Tribe Heroes books, Duffy, Marli & Nelson – all about ocean pollution. Enjoy the music madness!

A very special whale made out of washed up fishing nets, Cetus the Whale is right here in Cornwall and he is massive! We want you to make mini animal puppets out of recycled materials to help spread the word about ocean pollution.

A look at the incredible work being done by Butterfly Conservation Cornwall’s dedicated volunteers to help reverse declines of some of the UK’s rarest species of butterflies.

Could one of your children be the next Carbon Neutral Youth Ambassador? Find out all about young ambassadors and tackling our leaders head on and getting their voices heard!

Explore the journey of plastic with an interactive map and resources from the Environment Agency. Find out how plastic pollution travels through our water systems and how we all need to play our part to help tackle it.

The resources have been created by the Environment Agency’s plastics and sustainability team on behalf of the Interreg Preventing Plastic Pollution project.

Could you be a beach guardian and help protect your favourite Cornish beaches from plastic pollution? Find out how to make a difference and get involved in keeping your local beaches clean!

Make a seal mask, play games, colour in and delve deeper into the lives of our seals in Cornwall. With almost 40% of all the world’s grey seals living in UK waters, it is more important than ever that we learn how to protect these beautiful creatures.

Go wild for birds with the RSPB Wild Challenge! Get ready for a fun set of challenges to inspire your children to learn about their local birds and how to protect them at school and at home.

If you care about your environment and want to make a change, could you be Another Way Ambassador in your school? A young ambassadors campaign started by a teenager gives you all the tools you will need to get started in making a difference

Eco-Schools has everything you need to get started on your journey with these fantastic detailed resources. Have a look - you may find your school is already doing lots of these things!

Be the coolest school around and help your school go Plastic Free! Everything you need to know to take those first steps with the children to ditching single use plastic.